Loving to go to hotels I can tell you we stumbled over some remarkable stuff. At a hotel somewhere in the Netherlands we found a bag next to the coffee machine that promised to have some naughty things inside that we could buy like a mini bar product. We were intrigued and added it to our tap. Although the content was of low quality I admit we had a lot of fun with it.

That is what triggered our idea for an outstanding luxury and sensual hospitality brand. Because we are not the only couple in the world that go to a hotel to enjoy some quality time together. Fortunately, our company develops brand concepts related to the world of love. We have our own laboratory and factory in the Netherlands. We brought in relationship therapists and sexologists for the love assignments in the boxes. We explored the world for the newest innovations on tasteful and sensual accessories.

With our research- development- and design team, we worked for months to bring you the Key To...

Viviane-van-den-Bichelaer | One of the founders

“A feeling of excitement, the thrill of something new, the sense of freedom and leisure time.”

Key To... For every moment. We offer luxury, high-quality and niche products, especially designed, developed and selected by our experienced team. Products that increase your sales volume while bringing your guests closer together.

A range of giftboxes
For example the Key To Wellness is comparable with the best brands of the world such as La Prairie, Bvlgari or Molton Brown. In our own laboratory we combined high quality ingredients with a remarkable scent designed by one of the best ‘noses’ in Europe. All designed to make body and mind feel sensual, loved and in the mood for joy.

Together your guests will explore and enjoy the use of various luxurious and intimate accessories. And the thrill of the mysterious golden envelopes with their secret assignments.


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